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We walk the walk and talk the talk. Where others provide assistance, we provide real life experience. We are a growing network of Safety Professionals who are with you in the field, not just behind a desk.


Our contributors consist of the best in the business at all levels of the construction trade.


Our experience sets us aside. We have more real-world experience than any other program around.

Meet the Board of Directors

Dennis McFadden - Safety Director

Dennis McFadden


Safety Consultant
McSafety Construction Training

Terry Williams - Safety Director

Terry Wilhelms

Vice President

Werner Construction Inc.

Aaron Anderson - Safety Director

Aaron Anderson

Safety Director

The Weitz Company

Mel Griess

Safety Consultant

Platte Valley Construction/Safety Counseling

Gary Burruss

Safety Director

Hampton Enterprises Inc.

Donald Davids

Donald Davids


Safety/Project Manager
ABC Electric Co.

Ruben Bera

Safety Consultant

Construction Safety Specialist

Casey Lenners

Casey Lenners

Safety Director

Sampson Construction

Spring 2023 Safety Conference

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